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aristokitties!!! it was my first time watching it today, i love the animation :3

2 days ago // disney - + 2


doodle mini-dump, the last one is a birthday card i made for my little cousins’ birthday(s) today! my mom forgot to buy a card lol

2 days ago // original - katy - tonokai - + 5


i finished young justice s1 B’))) netflix pls put s2 up…. i need gar

3 days ago // dc - + 9


finally watchin all my superhero cartoons now that i have netflix eue;;

4 days ago // dc - + 15


tis jozie-chan's bday today!!!! i'm still workin on ur bday care package extravaganza but for now please accept my attempt at drawin u a misha

1 week ago // misha - fanart - joey - + 5
3 weeks ago // noragami - + 5


tried doin tha draw thing….. i still have stuff from that oc meme but it’s been sssoooooo hard to draw lately lol so here have.. my fairly new oc… jackson kun

3 weeks ago // oc - original - + 7


just kinda wanted to upload this on its own from the artist meme i did so i can put it in my oc tag!!! ye

also my blog theme kinda cuts off images a little (at least on my screen bc i have to use a smaller monitor now) huuuu poopie, but now u can see it in full glory

they’re in order of creation from left to right

1 month ago // oc - original - + 8


now that i’m back i can finally upload arts!!!! yay

unfort i don’t have anything too substantial lol mostly studies for my illustration class (the skellys) and style emulation/development on my own part…. i’m still trying to work with it but i like where it’s going so!! that’s a thing. but yeah some of these are redraws that i did of kim junggi who i did a lot of studying on recently, i looove his art gh

anyway yeah!! arts

1 month ago // study - original - + 6


sasaneko :3

1 month ago // tonokai - + 28